The Smile Club

Maintaining your oral health is a large factor in maintaining your teeth for life and improving your overall health. Routine preventive dental care is the best way to keep you and your mouth healthy.

Our office is happy to provide uninsured patients the opportunity to have predictable annual savings on preventive dental care as well as savings on any necessary dental treatment. We call our plan The Smile Club. We offer two savings plans we offer so our patients can know their annual preventive costs. These savings plans are a package price paid in advance and are valid for an entire year.

The Full Plan

For new patients and existing patients who need comprehensive x-rays every 3 years. This plan includes a full set of xrays and is $425 (A $575 value).

The Recall Plan

For existing patients who have had comprehensive x-rays within the last three years. This plan includes check-up x-rays and is $345 (A $445 value).
The savings for these packages represent over 25% discount on routine preventive care over our regular office fees. For many patients, this annual fee is even LOWER than what they are paying in insurance premiums. These savings packages are also free of insurance company rules and regulations. In addition, we are also giving members of the discount plan a 15% discount on any necessary dental treatment during the annual membership period for procedures paid in full on date of service. You have no annual maximums and no preapprovals from insurance companies.

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Our Membership Club Benefits include:

  • 2 professional dental cleanings per 12 month period
  • 2 fluoride treatments per 12 month period
  • 1 Set 4 Bitewing X-rays and 2 necessary PA X-rays as needed/ or comprehensive x-rays every 3 years
  • 1 Examination by the dentist
  • 15% discount on all NECESSARY dental treatment at our office when paid at the start of treatment with cash, check, or credit card.
    ***Cosmetic services and special appliances are not discounted. Any cases requiring third party financing are also not discounted. ***
Members Price
Full Plan $425.00
Recall Plan $345

Membership is non-refundable and benefits are only usable during the 12 month period after the membership is paid in full. Since the smile club entitles members to a generous discount, we also subject any appointments cancelled with less than a 24 hour notice to be subject to a $50 cancellation fee per 60 minutes of time for the appointment. The smile club is renewable on a yearly basis but fees are subject to increase in future years. We look forward to providing our smile club members the highest level of dental care while keeping your treatment costs manageable.

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