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Tooth Extractions

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Think you might need a tooth extraction?

A person’s teeth are supposed to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes a tooth extraction is needed in order to keep a mouth healthy. Tooth extraction is the process of removing a tooth from its socket in the bone. This can occur for a number of different reasons. If a tooth is too broken or damaged by decay to be fixed with a filling, crown or other treatment, tooth extraction is the only option.

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Other times a tooth may need to be extracted are if:  

  • Extra teeth are blocking other teeth from coming in
  • Baby teeth don’t fall out in time
  • A patient gets braces and needs room for the teeth being moved into place
  • Patients receiving radiation to the head and neck need to have teeth removed that are in the field of radiation
  • Patients are taking cancer drugs, which weaken the immune system, get infected teeth.
  • A patient has wisdom teeth. Especially if there is more than one and they are impacted
  • There is a risk of infection to the body or teeth

To prepare for a tooth extraction the dentist, or oral surgeon, will take an x-ray of the area where the tooth is needed to be removed to plan the next best course of action. A panoramic x-ray may be necessary if the patient is having a wisdom tooth removed. This shows the dentist the relationship of the wisdom teeth to other teeth, infections, or bone disease that may be present as well as how close the teeth are to sinuses and nerves. Antibiotics may be prescribed to the patients before or after surgery in case of infection, weakened immune system, or a particularly long surgery. A dentist may give the patient intravenous anesthesia to prevent pain from being felt. Depending on the type of surgery this may be conscious sedation or general anesthesia.

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There are two types of tooth extractions in the dental world: simple and surgical. Simple extractions are done easily by general dentists since the tooth in need of being pulled can be seen in the mouth. The dentist will use forceps to remove the tooth. Surgical extractions are not as straightforward and require the expertise of an oral surgeon in most cases. A small incision will be made into the gum first. Then, some of the bone holding the tooth may need to be removed in order to extract the impacted or broken tooth. Anesthesia will be used during both kinds of extractions to lessen the pain during the procedure. It is common to feel pressure but not pain.

The dentist will go over important instructions for what to do after tooth extraction and what to expect.

Call the dentist is any of these symptoms occur after the surgery:

  • Extreme swelling or the swelling gets worse
  • Fever, chills, redness
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Uncontrolled bleeding in area
  • Area oozes or bleeds after the first 24 hours
  • Tongue, lip or chin feels numb more than 3 to 4 hours after the procedure
  • Extreme pain in the extraction site, this might be a sign of a dry socket

Dr. Heather Darcey and her team of dental professionals can help! Call 281-317-6881 or schedule an appointment online.

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