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Root Canal Treatment

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What is root canal treatment?

The words “root canal” can be terrifying for any person. However, at Space Age Smiles we have shortened the root canal process into one quick, easy and painless visit. We use the most advanced techniques available including an operating microscope, so that our patients can benefit from the latest in endodontics.

A root canal treatment may be needed if a tooth is decayed or becomes infected. Essentially, a root canal treatment is the process of removing nerve and pulpe from inside the tooth then cleaning and sealing it. Even though a tooth’s nerve does not cause a tooth to live or die, it does provide the sensation of hot or cold.

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Tooth pulp will need to be removed after it is damaged since it decomposes and bacteria will multiply inside the pulp chamber.

This bacteria and decayed debris will eventually cause an infection or abscessed tooth. An abscessed tooth will happen when the infection goes past the end of the roots of the tooth. A root canal that gets infected can cause

  • Swelling in the face, neck or head
  • Bone loss around the root tip
  • A hole through the side of the tooth that drains into the gums and skin

Tooth nerve and pulp gets damaged from decay, repeated dental procedures on a single tooth, fillings, a crack or chip in the infected tooth as well as trauma to the face.

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The tooth is sealed after it is thoroughly cleaned.

In order to fill the inside of the tooth, a sealer paste and rubber compound are placed into the root canal to keep it from getting infected again. A filling is placed to cover the access hole from the beginning of treatment. A crown, crown and post or other restoration may be needed since a tooth that needs root canal treatment are often extensively decayed or need a large filling.

In order to find out if a patient has a root canal, the dentist will first take an x-ray to see the root canal shapes and see if there are any signs of infection in the bone. Local anesthesia will then be used to numb the area near the tooth in question. A rubber dam will be put into place to keep the area dry and saliva free during the treatment process. To access the area, a hole will be drilled into the tooth. The rest of the pulp, bacteria and decayed nerve tissue will be removed.

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