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What are dentures?

Whether teeth were lost from gum disease, tooth decay or injury, dentures will dramatically better patient’s oral health and appearance. Dentures are fake, removable teeth that allow the wearer to eat and speak better than if the wearer did not have teeth at all. Dentures can improve the wearer’s appearance by restoring the wearer’s smile and fill out his/her/their face and profile.

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There are three types of dentures that a dentist may recommend to a patient.

Conventional dentures are fully removable dentures that are fitted to a patient’s mouth once the teeth have been removed and the gum tissue has healed. Immediate dentures are able to be placed on the same day that teeth have been removed. Measurements and models of the patient’s jaw will be made during an initial visit. Then the patient can take the teeth during the healing period after the teeth have been removed but the denture may have to be relined or made after the patient’s jaw has healed. The third type of denture is Overdenture/Partial. In special cases, teeth can be saved so that the patient’s jawbone can be preserved and will be able to provide support and stability to the denture. An overdenture will actually fit over some of the remaining natural teeth after preparation by a dentist, similar to implants.

Since dentures are not a patient’s natural teeth, they may feel awkward for a few weeks. Irritation and soreness may occur as the muscles of a patient’s cheek and tongue learn to keep dentures in place. Follow-up appointments will a dental practitioner are essential to make sure the fit of the denture is well suited to the patient and can be adjusted if not. If irritation and soreness continue after a few weeks, patient’s are recommended to consult his/her/their dentist.

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Dental hygiene, even with full dentures is a must. Gums, tongue and the roof of the mouth need to be brushed every morning with a soft-bristled brush before dentures are inserted. This will stimulate circulation in the tissues and help remove any plaque buildup.

Some important notes to consider in order to take good care of dentures are:

  • Rinsing dentures before brushing to remove loose food or debris
  • Use a soft-bristled brush and non-abrasive cleanser to not scratch the dentures
  • Brush gums, cheeks, the roof of the mouth and tongue to remove plaque. This can help reduce the possibility of oral irritation and bad breath.
  • Keep dentures in a safe place covered in water to keep them from warping when not in use
  • Dentists can recommend the best cleansers and adhesives for dentures if the patient has any questions. Check to make sure the products have the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

Dentists are happy to answer any questions a denture wearer may have. Especially make sure to contact the dentist if the dentures stop fitting or are damaged. Regular dental checkups need to be scheduled as well.

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