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Are you unhappy with the look of your smile?
We are here to help! At Space Age Smiles, we specialize in smile makeovers in Houston.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is when you get cosmetic dental procedures done in order to change the appearance of your teeth that show when you smile. When your smile makeover is complete, you will feel confident, and show that smile more than ever.

A smile makeover includes a transformation of the look of your teeth. This can be achieved through several different cosmetic dental procedures, sometimes in combination with each other. These procedures include teeth whitening, invisalign, veneers, crowns, gum reshaping and more.

Space Age Smiles in Clear Lake has transformed many of the smiles you see walking around Houston!

Space Age Smiles – Smile Makeover Process

The first step in the smile makeover process is first deciding you are ready. You’ve been bothered by your smile for some time now, so why wait any longer? The feedback we hear most often is, “I wish I had done this sooner!”

Next, schedule a smile makeover consultation appointment at Space Age Smiles. At this appointment you’ll meet with our dentist Dr. Heather Darcey. The two of you will go over what you’d like to see in your new smile. Dr. Darcey will go over your options with you. She will make her professional recommendation on what procedures you need to achieve the look you want, also known as a treatment plan. When making the treatment plan, Dr. Darcey takes into account many factors, including your budget, lifestyle and desired look.

Once you have agreed on a treatment plan, you will schedule your appointments for the cosmetic procedures you have elected. The number of appointments and length of time between appointments, depends on your personal treatment plan. Space Age Smiles will work with you to best accommodate your schedule.

After your procedures are complete, you’ll visit our dental office in Clear Lake for a follow-up appointment. At this point, you’ll be healing and settling in with your new smile. Dr. Darcey will go over any questions or concerns you may have. She’ll also do an exam of your mouth to be sure everything is healing properly.

Going forward, you’ll want to visit Space Age Smiles every 6 months for a check-up exam, along with a routine cleaning. Now that you have a smile you love, you’ll want to take good care of it, which includes regular visits to our Houston area dental office. At these appointments, we’ll be able to address any concerns that could potentially become bigger problems long-term. You can think of it as protecting the investment you made in your mouth. Regular maintenance is an important part of keeping up with your smile makeover.

Why Get A Smile Makeover?

We all deserve to feel confident! We all deserve to love our own smile!

  • If you lack confidence, it could be because you are self-conscious about the appearance of your smile.
  • If you have crooked teeth, stained teeth, missing teeth – we can help you.
  • If you feel like your teeth are too big for your mouth – Space Age Smiles can help.
  • If you think your smile is too gummy – we’re here to help.
  • If you don’t like the gaps between your teeth, or if you want a gap in your teeth – we can help.

Bring us your smile as it is, let us know what you’re unhappy about, and we will transform it into a smile you love to show.

We hear so often from our patients that they wish they would have visited us for their cosmetic dental procedures sooner. You deserve to start feeling more confident in your smile today!

From a real Space Age Smiles patient:

“The care and consideration that Dr. Darcey takes is unbelievable. While Dr. Darcey is a skilled and awarded dentist, she and the entire staff give impeccable customer service prior, during, and even weeks after, your appointment. All the apprehension that may come with going to a new dentist is gone! Call today and begin your joyful journey!” (edited for clarity)

Become one of the many happy and satisfied Houston residents who have gotten their smile transformed by Dr. Heather Darcey at Space Age Smiles. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

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