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At Space Age Smiles, our patients’ comfort and well-being are our top priorities.

That’s why we are always testing out the newest technologies in dentistry, and only offering our patients what we consider to be the best solutions in the industry. You can count on Space Age Smiles to have your best interests in mind at all times.

We are pleased to offer The Wand – Single Tooth Anesthesia System at our Clear Lake dental office.

The STA Single Tooth Anesthesia® System, also known as The Wand, is a specialized instrument used to numb a specific area of a patient’s mouth for a dental procedure.

STA is a computerized sensor-controlled local anesthetic delivery system that anesthetizes only the tooth being treated via an intraligamentary “injection” that consists of gently sliding a small probe alongside the tooth in the small crevice between the tooth and the gums. The Wand delivers anesthetic solution at a precise and consistent rate. The tool’s technology carefully guides dental professionals as they perform injections.

The Wand STA System delivers a computer-controlled flow of anesthesia rather than one large, stinging injection, creating a more comfortable numbing experience. The Wand delivers the medicine at precisely the right rate for the tissue density of the area, offering our Houston area dental patients the pain relief they need immediately. In fact, most patients report that injections with the Wand STA system are completely painless.

Space Age Smiles patients benefit from this technology due to less discomfort. An additional benefit to using the STA System is that you will not have collateral numbness, or numbness of the unaffected areas around the procedure site. Some of our Clear Lake dentistry patients report that one of the biggest benefits of the Wand STA system is the fact that only the tooth or teeth needing work are numbed, instead of entire sections of the mouth. This makes it possible for patients to return to work or school immediately after appointments, without worrying about how they will look, talk, eat, or drink. The localized numbness is much easier to manage than a more widespread effect, so you can get back to your life more easily.

You no longer need to worry about half of your mouth being numb for hours after your treatment!

Traditionally, local anesthesia is administered via a needle. The numbing done with the needle numbs the entire area around the tooth including the lips and gums. This kind of numbing is associated with an increased risk of post-operative trauma due to lip and cheek biting. While there may be some procedures requiring traditional injections, the STA is available as an alternative for many procedures.

Benefits of The Single Tooth Anesthesia System

  • No need for the traditional dental syringe (“the shot”), thus reducing patient’s initial anxiety
  • Injection is much more comfortable and less painful for the patient due to precise control of anesthetic flow rate
  • Only the single tooth being worked on is anesthetized, thus decreasing post-operative numbness and the possibility of lip-biting
  • Quicker onset of anesthesia. No waiting period necessary to allow the numbness to take effect. Treatment begins immediately.
  • Can be used along with nitrous oxide for people who are nervous about the dentist

The Wand is a great solution for patients who are scared of getting dental work done. The pen-like shape is not intimidating and the needle is extremely small. At our dental office in Houston, we are able to offer sedation dentistry services along with The Wand STA System to ensure a most comfortable dentist visit.

At Space Age Smiles, a dentist office in Houston, you can feel comfortable and relaxed without the need for syringes during your treatment. To learn more about The Wand and the benefits of single tooth anesthesia, call or email us today. We look forward to speaking with you!

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