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Concierge Health Care

If you’re looking for concierge healthcare providers, Space Age Smiles is the dentist for you. Conveniently located in Clear Lake, TX, outside of Houston, Space Age Smiles is a boutique dental office with a focus on individualized care.

The Importance of a Small Staff

Dr. Heather Darcey is the only dentist at Space Age Smiles, and she is the leader of her tight-knit team. Dr. Darcey keeps her staff small in order to give the quality of care and attention that she believes her patients deserve. Because Space Age Smiles keeps a small team with low turnover, you can look forward to seeing the same smiling faces working in our office each time you visit. The team will get to know you, your preferences and your dental history.

Focus on Care

Since Space Age Smiles is an individually-owned dental office, they are able to give individualized care. They don’t have to answer to corporate higher-ups or have the pressure to meet ever-increasing monetary goals. The focus at Space Age Smiles is giving the best care to their patients, not getting as many patients in the door as possible. That’s why Dr. Darcey approaches her level of care as concierge dentistry. She and her team are able to treat their patients with each person’s unique personality, life experiences, and needs in mind.

Single-Doctor Practice

Dr. Heather Darcey is the owner and only dentist at this Houston-area dental office. When you make an appointment at Space Age Smiles, you can feel assured that you will be getting an exam from the lead dentist in the practice.

Dr. Darcey is proud of the dental practice she has grown since taking over the dental clinic in Clear Lake, TX. She is able to give her dedicated attention to each and every patient who walks in her Clear Lake dental office. Whether you are coming in for a routine cleaning, or your final implant installation, Dr. Darcey is hands-on and involved in your care.

Non-Corporate, Woman-Owned Business

When you visit Space Age Smiles, you aren’t just another medical file or customer on a list – you’re a valued part of a growing dental practice. Dr. Heather Darcey started took over this dental office at the beginning of 2019, and is now able to employ a skilled staff of dental professionals who love working together and with our patients of Clear Lake, TX.

At Space Age Smiles, you know you will get the care you want and need. They aren’t a corporate-owned dental office and don’t have to deal with the hassle and negatives that come along with that kind of dental care. The dental staff at Space Age Smiles aren’t concerned with selling you on the latest procedure or trying to talk you into costly appointments. Your care and wellbeing is the priority when you visit Space Age Smiles, not cutting costs or trying to save time, like it can be at some big dental offices.

Fun Atmosphere

We take your care very seriously at Space Age Smiles, but we don’t take life too seriously. We like to have fun while we work, and it shows. Our office is filled with beautiful smiles, and laughter. At Space Age Smiles, Dr. Heather Darcey has curated a select team of dental professionals who actually enjoy working together and are friends. We’re friends with our patients too! Schedule an appointment to experience the vibe for yourself.

Dental Appointments Available

Space Age Smiles keeps a small & skilled staff, therefore the office keeps a short list of current patients. Now is your time to join our boutique practice and get the care you deserve. The Houston area dental office does have some appointments available for new patients. Whether you are experiencing pain in your mouth, are thinking about getting a cosmetic procedure, or are looking for a new dentist for regular exams and cleanings, you are welcome at our practice.

Concierge Dentistry For Everyone

Insurance is accepted at Space Age Smiles. For patients without insurance, there is a dental care membership program. There are also payment plans and financing options available. Dr. Heather Darcey is passionate about providing quality dental care to the Houston area. Contact the office today to become a patient at Space Age Smiles.

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